About us

From the factory to your home

Our centenary experience together with the singularity of refined materials gave us the possibility to design and produce a duvet that suits everyone’s needs. Our production chain has no intermediate steps: it starts in our factory and finishes once reached your home. For this reason, we can offer you a dreamy sleep experience at an extremely competitive price.

The manufacturing process of down and feathers

Across the years, Minardi Piume developed and perfected
a sophisticated manufaturing process for the selection
of quality down and feathers.


Samples with different down varieties

Quality control of selected feathers

Selection of the various down qualities

Final stitching of Dreamin’101 duvet


No live plucking

Total absence of any prejudicial practices at the expence of animals in our manufacturing process

Reprocessed down and feathers

We recover the filling material, we wash and sterilize it with the aim to regenerate it according to sustainable principles.

Vegetable fillings

100% vegetable fibres chosen according to their capacity to recreate the naturalness of down without any harmful practices against animals.

Solar panels

Part of the factory’s energy consumption is provided by 1700m2 of solar panels.

Biomass cogeneration

A sizable amount of electrical and thermal energy is reused for our production processes

Fertilizers for agriculture

We give value to our production waste trasforming it into organic fertilizers for agricultural use.


The best certifications and international
acknowledgments recount the quality of our down.